Imagining the Future of Community Health

During the summer and fall of 2018, an interdisciplinary team of researchers, strategists, and designers at Idea Couture partnered with Sidewalk Labs to imagine how an innovative community space focused on health and well-being could best serve the diverse needs of Toronto’s future residents, employees, and surrounding communities.

The project combined multiple streams of research, co-creation, and synthesis, and culminated in a concept for a future community space—dubbed the Care Collective—that blurs the boundaries between health, well-being, and social cohesion. This potential future was brought to life via a series of stories and speculative images, in partnership with KPMB Architects.


Executive Summary written by Alexis Wise, Director of Health and Human Services at Sidewalk Labs

Full Report

Completed: 2018

Team: Amal Abuzgaya, Laura Dempsey, Christina Doyle, Anita Lin, Cameron Murray, Pedro Marroquin, Luis, Xicotencatl, Emily Empel, Mathew Lincez