Love in the age of technology

Proxima is a love story. Created for the second annual Make Fashion exhibition and working in collaboration with engineers at the SAIT RADLab, this piece was created to project a physical manifestation of the ‘electricity’ produced between two lovers as they move closer to one another.

Proxima has been featured in, RFID JournalMake: Magazine and the Adafruit Blog, and has been shown at FashionWare, Electric Runway and Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015

The idea for Proxima grew out of a desire to explore the concept of closeness, and how a garment might react to the presence of another person. Programmed to light up based on the proximity of RFID tags hidden within the male dancer’s costume, during the show the jacket lit up only when he came near: the closer he came to the female dancer, the more the lights sparkled. The jacket responds not only to proximity, but also directionality, so when the dancers faced each other, the front of her jacket lit up, and as she moved around him, the light would follow whichever part of her body was closest to his.

Completed: 2014

Team: Concept & Design—Laura Dempsey & Hannah Newton, Technology—Ben Reed, Dan Damron and Chris Zaal (RFID Technology - SAIT RADLab)