Student project, Dalhousie University

Located on a corner lot in the North End of Halifax, NS, the design for this community theatre explores the importance of public space and identity within a neighbourhood.

Paper folding was explored as a possibility for the interior acoustic paneling, but gradually became to inform the exterior form of the theatre as well. Giving the theatre such strong formal qualities allows it to become a beacon within the community, and imbue a strong sense of identity to what could become an important neighbourhood gathering place.

Nearly half of the site was left open as a public plaza, welcoming passers-by to partake in outdoor performances and movie screenings, classes, or perhaps to simply linger and watch the "theatre" of everyday life. In order to maximize this outdoor space, the seating for the interior theatre is cantilevered above the lobby, and in doing so also creates a shaded canopy under which theatre-goers can seek shelter.

Completed: 2009